Crystal Library - Amethyst

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Uruguay, Brazil

Metaphysics Properties

Amethyst is a powerful protective stone. It protects against psychic attacks and geopathic stress. Its high vibration enhances spiritual awareness and is suitable to be used for meditation. It transmutes lower energies to higher frequencies of the spiritual and etheric realms. Amethyst helps you be more focused and enhances creativity through the assimilation of new ideas. It also helps to improve memory and facilitates decision making. Its calming energy dispels negative emotions like rage, anxiety and anger, thus reducing stress.

Healing Properties

Amethyst cleanses the blood and strengthens the immune system. It relieves physical, emotional and psychological pain. An excellent remedy for migraine, tension headache and insomnia. It also helps in healing diseases of the lungs, respiratory tract and skin disorder.

Additional Information
Amethyst derives its name from the ancient Greek word amethustos, literally meaning ‘not drunk’ as it was believed to protect against drunkenness according to Greek mythology.

Ancient Greek and Romans drank wine from Amethyst cups as they believed that it would make them immune to intoxication. As far back as 25,000BC, the Neolithic people in Europe used it as amulets. Ancient Egyptians used it for protection when travelling and to overcome fears. To cure insomnia, it was often placed under the pillow for a pleasant night’s sleep. In the early Christian church, Amethyst was a symbol of the high spiritual state its bishops must attain and the crystal became part of the bishop’s regalia.