Plant-A-Tree Campaign



Be empowered to make a powerful impact on our planet!

For every purchase you make, we will contribute $1 to our Grow Green Campaign, a collaborative effort between NewAge and you, our valued customers.

In collaboration with, our tree-planting drive will see trees being planted in India by rural farmers, providing them with an alternate and sustainable source of income at the same time.

We have planted 500 trees to date! Let's keep going!

Click the trees to see its location on Google Map and the farmer who planted it! To date, we have planted saplings of Mango, Pomegranate and Custard Apple in the state of West Bengal, India, an area hit by super-cyclone Amphan in May 2020, devastating the crops of farmers and the greenery of the state.

Trees play a vital role in our lives, providing clean air, cooling down the earth.

Together, let’s make a positive difference in the environment and increase the greenery on Mother Earth. If you would like to donate your own tree, you can contact directly too!

Follow this post to see the trees we have planted together and watch their growth.

One of the beneficiaries